Why use a property search agent?

Using a property search agent, whether you are looking to rent or buy, can save you time and money.  But it also provides you with a property professional that is working exclusively for you, giving you peace of mind at a potentially stressful time.  

  A search agent’s role starts at the initial consultation.  This is a very important discussion to ascertain exactly what you are hoping to achieve with the property, but it is also an opportunity to understand you and your lifestyle.  After all, where we live and how we live has a huge impact on our lifestyle.  For example, if you love to entertain then a generous dining area may be preferable when choosing your future home.  Or if your work is based in central London then access to trains will be beneficial when selecting the location.      

  In a busy property market, property prices can change quickly and good properties do not stay on the market very long.  There is a huge amount of pressure put on buyers and renters by estate agents whose job it is to get the best possible deal for their clients: the vendor or the landlord.  By employing a search agent the client has a professional who knows the local market inside and out and will help you to get the best deal possible.  Whether that involves providing detailed property reports and comparable properties, or conducting the negotiations on your behalf, the search agent’s aim is to save you money and find the best property for your needs.

  One of the most underestimated aspects of renting or buying is the amount of time that it takes.  The process of contacting the estate agents and registering with them is very time consuming.  They will then call you at all hours of the day with ‘new’ properties that probably do not match the specification that you have given them.  Finding time for viewings can be very tricky and a lot of evenings after work and weekends are devoted to visiting properties, leaving you with very little down time.  A search agent will already have a working relationship with many of the estate agents and can call upon industry contacts to gain access to ‘off-market’ properties before they come onto the market.  The search agent will take all the calls and view properties, discounting those that do not fit your requirements.  They will then put together a shortlist and arrange a convenient time for you to view the potential properties, all of which will be worthwhile visits. 

  In London, the average buyer will visit 25 properties before finding ‘the one’.  If every viewing takes 30 minutes then that is 12 ½ hours spent viewing before a suitable property comes up, not to mention the time spent on search engines and on the phone. 

  Buying or renting a new property should be an exciting time and a positive experience, but sadly for many it turns into an ordeal that people are glad to see the back of.   With an organised approach and helpful advice there is no reason why renting or buying a property cannot the extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience that it should be.    

If you are about to rent or buy a property, or you are struggling to find what you are looking for, then get in contact now for a chat about your search!